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Joseph F. McCaffrey MD, FACS

I'm Dr. Joe McCaffrey and I want you to live well and find the information you need to be vital, healthy and fully alive.

You Are Sick Because Our Medical System Focuses on First Aid Instead of Prevention...

Our current medical system focuses on the sick. It does very little to keep people from becoming sick in the first place. I've worked in this system for a long time. I've decided I'd much rather help people stay well rather than wait until they're sick to help them.

There's a metaphor that illustrates our medical system. People are regularly falling off a cliff. Our current approach is like having a first-aid station at the bottom of the cliff to patch them up. A better approach would be to go to the top of the cliff and help people avoid falling off in the first place.

Are you one of the people falling off a cliff? If so, keep reading...

My desire is to keep people well. I've seen too much suffering from preventable disease.

A Vital Life Is Better Than a Long Life... The Best Is Both

Beyond that, I want to help people live lives of maximum vitality. Health is more than the absence of disease. Vital living means having the energy and enthusiasm to fully enjoy all aspects of your life. And to stay that way over time.

I want people to age well. Much of the deterioration that has been considered an inevitable part of aging is preventable. I want to show you how you can side-step the problems that afflict so many people as time goes by.

Let Me Help You...

This site is a resource for you.

  1. I’ll be keeping an archive of articles I write for various publications.
  2. I’ll also keep tabs on the best information from other sources and let you know about it as I find it.
  3. I'll recommend various programs for health that make the most sense in light of current research.
  4. My emphasis will be on practical, effective steps you can take to make an immediate difference in your life.
  5. To begin, I'd like to send you a special report I've prepared. It reveals surprising facts about your heart that have only recently been discovered. Read about this report below and then sign up to receive it free...

FREE Report: "The Surprising Power of the Heart"

New Findings That Astound Doctors...

For years physicians and medical scientists treated the heart as if was merely a pump. An important pump, but still no more than that.

Yet wisdom has always considered the heart to be more. People spontaneously use phrases like, "They have heart," "Put your heart into it," "Heart and soul," "Broken hearted" and "Lion-hearted." It's as if the collective consciousness has always realized the heart has a special role beyond moving blood. Think about it. No one says, "Put your lungs into it."

In the last few decades, science has gradually come to realize what people intuitively knew all along...

The Heart Is Much More Than a Pump

  1. First, researchers discovered that the heart secretes hormones. Initially, they discovered a new diuretic (atrial natriuretic factor) released by the atrium - the first chamber in the heart. Interestingly, it was later discovered that the heart also produces oxytocin - the "love hormone." Oxytocin plays an important role in childbirth, and also influences social bonding, trust, evaluating social cues and other functions related to human interaction.

    Originally oxytocin was believed to be released only in the brain. Now we know the heart releases almost as much.

  2. Next, it turns out the heart has it's own elaborate nervous system, every bit as complex as a major subdivision of the brain. A medical science - neurocardiology - has been created to study it.
  3. Finally (at least for now), scientists have found that far from being the servant of the brain, there's more information going from the heart to the brain than the other way.

Start Your Exploration With this FREE Report

Report: The Surprising Power of the HeartMy introductory report explains the autonomic nervous system in simple terms. It starts with what you probably learned in high school and continues to explain the current leading-edge thinking on the subject. It reveals a new way of looking at our heart that opens a window into our unconscious inner working.

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What To Do With the Information on This Site

On the left of this Web site, in the navigation menu, you'll find links to articles on mind, body and spirit, health, wellness, positive psychology, vitality and more.

Living a vital life requires a holistic approach, a mind, body and spirit approach. Physical health is meaningless, in fact probably not possible, if you don't integrate all aspects of wellness.

But I don't believe you have to do everything at once. I believe in living life as a work of art in progress. I hope these articles help you to do that.

  • Make YOU a priority in your life
  • Read the articles and the free report carefully
  • Print them out
  • Underline important information and make notes in the margin
  • Put them into a binder or folder so you can refer back to them often
  • Try some of my suggestions for better health and better living
  • Check back often

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Special FREE Report:
"The Surprising
Power of the Heart"

Ancient wisdom was right - the heart is much more than a pump. Find out how much more, and how you can use this information to live your life well.

Free Report: The Surprising Power of the Heart

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