Eat to Heal

A Surgeon's Guide to Nutrition and Wound Healing



Problems Healing a Wound?


Maybe You're Unwittingly Denying Your Body the Crucial Nutrients It Needs...



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Eat to Heal: A Surgeon's Guide to Nutrition and Wound HealingYou've heard the old phrase: "you are what you eat." If you're trying to heal a wound, that's more true than ever. Getting the right nutrients makes all the difference between speedy healing and a prolonged, drawn-out and painful recovery.


Getting proper nutrition isn't difficult, but in today's world it's disturbingly rare. Too many people don't eat well and therefore suffer needlessly.


Even more disturbing, too many physicians fail to emphasize the importance of getting the right food.


Dr. McCaffrey wrote Eat to Heal: a Surgeon's Guide to Nutrition and Wound Healing to fill a glaring void. Working as a surgeon for over 30 years, and currently at a wound care center, he's seen countless people dealing with poorly healing wounds.


While many times there is an underlying condition such as diabetes or poor circulation slowing the wound healing, too often poor food choices and inadequate nutrition complicate the situation.


The best coaches always have their players focus on the fundamentals of their sport. Eating right is an absolute requirement for good health in general and wound healing in particular.


Eat to Heal provides critical information and guidance to anyone who is dealing with a wound issue themselves or trying to help a family member. In clear, easy-to-follow language Dr. McCaffrey describes the basic principles of a healthy diet while giving specific suggestions that support optimal wound healing.





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