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Jack LaLanne's Old School Advice

Sometimes it seems we're continually relearning lessons people wiser than us figured out long ago.

Sincethe way our bodies work hasn't changed in millennium, it's not surprising that interested people have always been able to discover, through observation and trial and error, how to live a vital, healthy life.

Recently, I've been enjoying looking through the YouTube archives for clips from Jack LaLanne's fitness show from the '50's. If you're not aware of Jack LaLanne, he's a champion of healthy living.

He opened one of the first fitness spas in the country in 1936. In 1951, he launched what became the longest running (over 30 years) fitness show on television.

I find his advice still relevant today.

In the clip above, he describes very accurately the effects of a diet high in refined grains and sugar. He's referring to the glycemic index of food 30 years before scientists invented a name for it.

On this video, he makes practical recommendations that apply just as well today as they did then. I suggest you try his 5 day challenge.


If Jack thought kids in the schoolyards looked soft then, I wonder what he thinks about today's youth? (Yes, Jack's in his 90's and still going strong.)

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