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Practice Prevention

  • Keep Your Immune System Strong Keep your immune system strong teaches you the steps you need to take to keep your immune defenses against colds, the flu and even cancer working at their best.
  • How to Prevent a Stroke - Learn Before It's Too Late
    Reduce your chance of a stroke by following these steps you may not be aware of.
  • A Question of Balance
    Living a life of balance requires that you know your own preferences and continually adjust to changing times. Get some tips on how to do that here.
  • Can You Change Your Genetic Destiny?
    Epigenetics studies what controls genes. It turns out the enviroment critically influences just what genes are active.
  • Is Your Cell Phone Hurting You?
    Discusses a recent study showing an association between cell phone usage and infertility. Tells you what you can do to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.
  • Preventing Colds and Flu
    There's a lot more you can do to avoid coming down with a cold or the flu beyond getting a flu shot. Here are strategies for preventing colds and flu that are even more important.

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