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  • A Cognitive Restructuring Story, Part 1 describes an emotionally draining experience that required something as powerful as cognitive restructuring to help clear things up.

  • A Cognitive Restructuring Story, Part 2 picks up where part 1 left off. It shows specificially cognitive restructuring can be used to clarify distorted perceptions and relive the distress they cause.

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  • Not all protein is created equal. Here's a description of a measuring tool that attempts to score protein according to its nutritional completeness and digestibility

  • A Practice of Gratitude gives instructions for a simple ten minute exercise that will greatly improve the quality of your life.

  • Living a life of balance requires that you know your own preferences and continually adjust to changing times. Get some tips on how to do that here.

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  • The law of attraction is a powerful force but it doesn't eliminate the need for action, This article explains why action is necessary as well as the kiond of action that works best with the law of attraction to lead you to your goals.

  • Tai chi helps people with metabolic syndrome

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  • Any work out is better than no workout, and there are lots of ways to fit exercise into your day.

  • As attention is a previously obscure supplement that is coming to the forefront as exciting new research shows it's multiple benefits, ranging from preventing blindness and improving cardiac function to protecting the skin from sun damage and improving athletic performance. Find out all about it here.

  • People learn best with a relaxed attitude and a williness to accept mistakes as part of the learning process.

  • Positive psychology can be funny. This skit by Bob Newhart gives two words of advice that a lot of people really should follow.

  • Lists many excellent books on wellness, mind body medicine, self development and mind-body medicine.

  • Epigenetics studies what controls genes. It turns out the enviroment critically influences just what genes are active.

  • Inadaquate sleep in both childhood and adolesence contributes to childhood obesisty.

  • Cinnamon in blood sugar explains how researchers stumbled upon the fact that relatively small amounts cinnamon can have a profound impact on persons blood glucose levels. Find out how this tasty addition to a diet can help you live a healthier life. You may be surprised at cinnamon's other beneficial effects, but there is one precaution you need to take to avoid problems.

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  • As the philosephers teach, our experience of life isn't what happens to us, it's how we interperet what happens to us. That means that if we can control our perceptions we can create life the way we want it. As you'll see on Control Your Perceptions Create Your Life this sometimes isn't easy, especially in a dark parking structure a few hundred miles from home...

  • The body responds to dieting as if it's starving. metabolism slows and weight loss becomes increasingly difficult.

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  • Eat to Heal - a Surgeon's Guide to Nutrition and Wound Healing provides crucial information for anyone dealing with a difficult wound. Despite the abundance of food available the shocking fact is that too many people are inadequately nourished.

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  • Could fish oil really be the fountain of youth? Recently reported study shows that fish oil has a dramatic effect on a critically important part of the aging process. Find out what you need to do to stay as healthy as you can for as long as you can.

  • Flaxseed is a nutritional powerhouse. It's high in fiber, it's an excellent plan source of omega-3 fatty acids it contains compounds known as lignans that suppress cancer cells in our study shows that it can decrease appetite as well as food intake. Get the details here.

  • A new study reported at a recent meeting of the American Heart Association revealed a simple change in diet that can lower blood pressure as much as a potent medication. And no, this has nothing to do with salt in your diet. Find out what this particular type of tasty baked good can do for you.

  • Free Yourself From Worry gives you the tools you need to free yourself from endless worry that gets you nowhere while robbing your life of joy and sapping your vitality. Discover what positive psychology teaches us about the most effective way to succeed in tough times.

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  • Your experience isn't what's in the world, it's what you perceive to be in the world

  • Reduce your chance of a stroke by following these steps you may not be aware of.

  • Try going without any news for to weeks and notice what effect it has on your wellbieng

  • This page lists a collection of videos by Dr. Joseph F. McCaffrey

  • an introduction to the crossfit website and getting started quickly on your crossfit program

  • Discusses a recent study showing an association between cell phone usage and infertility. Tells you what you can do to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

  • Asking who you will become is one of the most questions you can use to help make important life decisions.

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  • Your mind body and spirit guide to health, vitality and living life well, Joseph F. McCaffrey MD, FACS is a board certified surgeon with a special interest in alternative and complementary medicine. He strives to help people reach their maximum level of health and vitality.

  • Keep your immune system strong teaches you the steps you need to take to keep your immune defenses against colds, the flu and even cancer working at their best.

  • An article on living in the now and how a change of attitude changes everything.

  • Lower cholesterol naturally ans without drugs

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  • Making Changes - The Two Ways To Do It give you insights into the two ways you can go about making changes in your life. The best way may not be what you think...

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  • N acetyl cyteine is a remarkable supplement that should be in much wider use. Discover the benefits here.

  • Treat high blood pressure naturally. Learn how to reduce or even elimintate the need for drugs while keeping hypertension under control.

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  • There's a lot more you can do to avoid coming down with a cold or the flu beyond getting a flu shot. Here are strategies for preventing colds and flu that are even more important.

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  • Learn how to prevent Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia with healthy lifestyle, diet and supplements.

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  • The fitness program described here develops maximal fitness in minimal time.

  • This article describes the four stages of learning.

  • Greater strength is associated with greater longevity. It's just one more reason to exercise.

  • The Power of the Decision to Change tells a story that demonstrates how much power lies in the moment that we commit to change. It also suggests that maybe we don't need to be jealous of those for whom things seem to come easily.

  • Worry is a form of visualization, only it focuses on negative outcomes.

  • Theanine is an amino acid theat helps you handle stress and lets you sleep.

  • Thoughts and Beliefs Influence Perceptions reveals new research showing that are initial interpretation of neutral events influences our future experience of reality. It appears our beliefs determine what we see and remember.

  • Two Supplements To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease reveals the exciting results of new laboratory studies suggesting that two inexpensive and safe supplements may have the ability to prevent Alzheimer's. Including these in your diet today will increase your odds of avoiding this devastating disease.

  • Validation is a video fable for our times. It shows how one person's attitude can make a difference no matter how they are engaged with the world.

  • Vitamin D and Heart Attacks shows the shocking connection between a lack of vitamin D and the risk of a heart attack.

  • Vitamin D and the Common Cold reports on a study showing the association between low levels of vitamin D and someone's risk of getting a cold or other respiratory infection

  • This story illustrates why the current health care system can't work long term and suggests what we need to do now to take control of our own health and well being.

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