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Will Mushrooms Save the World?


Here’s a fascinating video by mushroom and fungal expert Paul Stamets. It’s yet another in the fabulous TED series of lectures. This one quickly gives you an appreciation of just how miraculous mushrooms and other mycelium are, their importance in the history of our planet and the role they may play in solving several of our most pressing issues.


If you’ve read any of the other pages on this site, you probably realize I tend toward the positive aspect of life. This video demonstrates part of the reason why I remain an optimist: human curiosity and creativity never ceases to amaze me.


It seems every generation has a loud and vocal group of nay-sayers and prophets of doom. And generation after generation they’ve been wrong. The reason is human creativity. We continue to seek and invent, with wonderful results.


 I particularly enjoy the way Mr. Stamets passion for his subject comes across so clearly.



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